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First post

First off, very, very cool community. Moral support for those who need it. :) BIG kudos to whoever's responsible for this!

Second... rant time.
I'm fine with my body, see, since my metabolism is relatively nice to me and lets me eat what I can without getting more than a handful or two of chub. That and enough people have called me cute to make me think I am. :)
But my problem's more psychological. I have a bitch of a time trying to believe that who I am, what I write and what I draw are /worth/ anything to anyone. I'm always thinking that my friends think I'm annoying, and are just humoring or using me. Most days I wonder if people would even notice if I dropped off the face of the planet, except to wonder where that annoying little girl went. And so I have a hard time meeting people because I always think I'm being annoying or clingy, and so my friends lessen as some move away or drift away... it's a vicious cycle. I hate it, but I don't know how to get out of it, or even how to figure out if my friends are being sincere. ~.~
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thanks. ;)

i have the exact same problem. or more along the lines of, i become really great friends with someone and can't get enough of them...and apparently they dont feel the same way. so i realize im clingy and then we grow so much apart, we're barely even friends anymore.

similar problems, but how do we deal with it?

i'm sure you're not annoying. i guess its just a matter of realizing that your heart knows you're not annoying. its just your head thats in the way...so kind of kicking yourself whenever you have thoughts about how annoying you are could help until you get it through your brain, ya know?

its a possibility.
You may find that most people don't really think you're annoying. It's just in your head that you feel you are. I found that if I kick the thoughts that people find me annoying, I can enjoy myself more with people in general, even new people.
I know it's hard to think positive thoughts about yourself, especially with society being so judgmental that they cause us to be judgmental of ourselves. You just gotta stop playing "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" because you CAN beat them :)
I have faith in you ;)