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I stomp my foot and pound my fist as I type this

Just read over the previous post again and something else stuck out at me. You talk a lot about "Media Women." I find that so sad. Not just you, but everybody, myself included. We are such slaves to this manufactured, produced, corporate idea of beauty. I see women pinch and strain and force and tease and purge and paint and mask their bodies, faces, hair, into something this monster told them they need to look like, so they end up looking like forgotten mannequins when they really need to look like themselves. I try to avoid it but it's impossible to escape, we're all victim to it because that's the way we see things, it's become fundamental to us...cultural coding Foucault blah blah. Isn't that sad?

I believe every woman--well everybody but women especially--if she is healthy and happy, is utterly and completely beautiful. That said, when I find myself faced with these altered, produced images of beauty in magazines or billboards or whatever (it's impossible to avoid this barrage of brainwashing material), I still can't help but wish I looked like them. And I doubt they are happy or healthy. I just spent 4 hours shopping for a dress for my junior recital and I kept on thinking, "Why doesn't this dress fit me like it does the mannequin?" Because it was built for a fucking mannequin and I am a human being! I move and breath and make love and beautiful music. I'm warm and soft and I respond when you touch me. When you take off the "ill-fitting" dress you find a body and when you take off the body you find a soul.

That's amazing. Not even the tightest jeans can do that.
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