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First post

First off, very, very cool community. Moral support for those who need it. :) BIG kudos to whoever's responsible for this!

Second... rant time.
I'm fine with my body, see, since my metabolism is relatively nice to me and lets me eat what I can without getting more than a handful or two of chub. That and enough people have called me cute to make me think I am. :)
But my problem's more psychological. I have a bitch of a time trying to believe that who I am, what I write and what I draw are /worth/ anything to anyone. I'm always thinking that my friends think I'm annoying, and are just humoring or using me. Most days I wonder if people would even notice if I dropped off the face of the planet, except to wonder where that annoying little girl went. And so I have a hard time meeting people because I always think I'm being annoying or clingy, and so my friends lessen as some move away or drift away... it's a vicious cycle. I hate it, but I don't know how to get out of it, or even how to figure out if my friends are being sincere. ~.~
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